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ACA Howe International have almost 40 years’ experience in resource estimation, encompassing many commodities and geological settings.  Our resource estimates are completed to international standards by highly qualified staff and Senior Associates with many years’ experience utilising appropriate techniques and software packages.




ACA Howe Resource Estimation


Resource estimation is an important stage in the exploration and mining industry and plays a critical part in the evaluation of a mineral deposit.   Our resource estimation services cover all stages of the exploration and mining cycle, including initial assessments at grassroots level, compliant resource estimates for technical reports and pit optimisation and mineral reserve reporting.  We ensure that our resource estimates are completed to industry standards by highly qualified team members.


A resource estimate typically includes the following stages:


Data assessment and validation


Exploratory data analysis - Generation of graphs, histograms, statistics and variograms.


Resource estimation - Creation of 3D wireframes defining weathering, geological and mineralisation domains.  Block model generation and grade interpolation.


Model validation and reporting - Classified resource estimation reporting and peer review.

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