ACA Howe International's Senior Associate Mining Engineers and Geologists have a wealth of knowledge of alluvial, open pit and underground mines, and have completed projects worldwide on various commodities in many geological settings.  We have the experience to take your project from the exploration to the mining phase, or to optimise your existing mining operation.

ACA Howe Mining Engineering
ACA Howe Underground Mining


Our mining services include the following:


Mine design and mine planning - Our mining engineers utilise industry standard mining software and years’ of experience to prepare your project for the production phase.


ACA Howe Engineering Assessment

Mining methods - Our Associates have many years’ operational experience in a range of geological settings and are able to recommend and supervise implementation of the optimal mining method for your deposit.


Cost modelling - We have many years’ experience in cost modelling for planned and existing mining operations and strive to provide a clear indication of project potential and areas where expenditure could be reduced in order to maximise your profits.


Geological control of mining - Our geologists have the experience to guide your mine planning and execution by undertaking assignments including structural mapping at project, pit and face scale, grade control sampling and reconciliation with your resource models.


Optimisation of mining operations - Our mining engineers have a wealth of engineering and operations knowledge and are often able to increase productivity.


Assessment and upgrading of historical workings - Historical workings often provide access to the main ore zone in the early stages of a brownfield project.  Our mining engineers can provide a full safety assessment and recommendations for upgrading to modern standards.

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