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GIS (Geographical Information Systems) are inherent within businesses in this modern age and the mining industry is no exception. Using the latest, industry leading software’s ACA Howe International are able to offer bespoke services for clients wishing to maximise the value of their datasets in a cost effective manner.  ACA Howe are able to draw upon a large database and broad range of Associates, and with over 20 years’ experience in offering GIS, data management and modelling services we are able to tailor our solutions to your project requirements.


Due to ACA Howe's exposure to historical projects we specialise in the compilation of historical data and with the use of a digitising pad we can translate historical, hard copy site data into an organised GIS package. Our digitising pad can be packaged for air travel and so the digitisation process can take place in any office or on site.








ACA Howe Mapping


Stylised maps, sections and illustrations


3D modelling


Report graphics


Interactive web mapping and web graphics


Data acquisition, management and processing


Fly-through animations


Digitising of historical maps


Training and guidance on leading software packages such as ArcGIS and MapInfo

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