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ACA Howe International provide a full range of mineral exploration services for greenfield to mining projects, utilising our technical and project management expertise. We have worked on mineral exploration projects worldwide covering a wide variety of commodities and geological settings. ACA Howe have been involved in many successful exploration projects, which have resulted in the identification of new target areas, additional mineral resources and the discovery of new deposits.


Our services include exploration project appraisal, desktop studies and programme planning, onsite supervision and staffing of exploration programmes, analysis of results and recommendations for further work.  Please see below for further information on our Early Stage Mineral Exploration Services and our Advanced Mineral Exploration Services.

Early Stage Mineral Exploration



The following are among the activities undertaken depending on the project requirements and geological setting:


ACA Howe Exploration and Sampling



Initial site visit - Includes ground truthing of satellite image interpretation (if applicable), initial assessment of target areas and recommendations on the design of the next phase of exploration with a budget for the work.


Geological mapping - Important in the identification and assessment of target areas and provides an understanding of the lithological and structural controls on mineralisation.  Mapping of alteration minerals can be completed as part of  the geological mapping to provide further evidence of epithermal and porphyry style mineralisation.


Geochemical sampling - Can be utilised as part of regional or small scale target area assessment and provides quantitative data on metal content in the form of laboratory assays.  Types of sample include stream sediment samples, soil samples, rock chip samples and channel samples.  Anomalous zones provide targets for follow-up exploration, especially if they're coincident with certain lithological and structural features.


Exploration geophysics - An important tool in many exploration projects, allowing interpretation of surface and sub surface features.  ACA Howe are experienced in the interpretation of gravity, magnetic, radiometric and electrical data.

Acquisition of soil samples in the Sahara Desert, Mauritania. Planned and supervised by ACA Howe International

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Advanced Mineral Exploration


Over the years’ our staff and Associates have been involved in many advanced exploration programmes, from drilling in greenfield areas to underground drilling and development at existing mines.  This has covered geological control and management of all major types of drilling, including diamond core drilling, reverse circulation (RC) drilling, rotary air blast (RAB) drilling, air core drilling, sonic drilling and auger drilling.  As drilling and underground development programmes often form part of subsequent technical reports it is essential that they are well managed and adhere to the guidelines of the major reporting codes.


We are well qualified to advise on all aspects of drilling and trenching programmes, including the following:


ACA Howe Core Sampling

Programme design - optimal drilling and development locations.  Drill hole dip and azimuth, type of drilling, drill hole spacing.  Production of sections during the planning stage and to display results on completion.


Geological analysis - Geological face mapping and geological logging, including analysis of lithologies, alteration, mineralisation and structural features.


Sampling procedures and recommendations on laboratory procedures


Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) procedures


Drilling tenders - analysis of drilling contracts and selection of the best option.


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